Working with children is possible

The Business and Employment Support Center received financial support from the Visegrad Fund for project implementation „Working with children is possible “. This project will be realized with three partners: Podnikanie – ženy Žilina, Pannonhalma Urban Development company and Stowarzyszenie Klub Kobiet Kreatiwnych.

About the project

This project wants to show especially to women how it is possible to combine carrier with childcare and family care. As a part of the project, we want to encourage women to take entrepreneurship in business or in employment to increase their professional growth also on maternity leave. Without it, they cannot optimally reconcile work and family life when they are returning to work. As part of the project, training courses and coaching or mentoring sessions will be held by applicant and partner organizations to stimulate the entrepreneurship of mothers with young children. This will help them to deepen their knowledge, both professional and soft skills, including maternal time management and coaching. At the same time, three project meetings of the applicant and partner organizations will take place to exchange experiences with this target group, assessing what really helps women, what they need, and what hinders their development. There will also be one international meeting of women who participated in educational activities in one of the participating countries. At this meeting, project participants will be able to share their experiences and needs as a working mother.