The project “Start4Change” brings together various actors in youth work and entrepreneurship from the 6 partner countries germany, italy, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Belgium and Poland to develop new perspectives on forms of cooperation and to enable out of this the young generation to have a perspective on the Labour market.

About the project

The promotion of entrepreneurial learning and action is still very poor in the field of youth work. Since the 6 partners of the project see the need for action there, they have launched the project Start4Change. The partners come from six European countries and have taken this issue as an opportunity to enter into a three-year partnership to build a strong network that provides peer learning with common answers to how young people can be helped To experience their self-efficacy and to participate actively in social life. The partners from Croatia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Belgium and Germany bring all experiences in the context of young people into entrepreneurial thinking and action.

However, within the framework of the partner network to be undertaken, the approach of social entrepreneurship is being taken to the fore. It is an ever-increasing trend in the start-up scene that has already arrived in the established economy. If youth work wants to stay on the ball, it must be directly oriented towards innovation in this area. In addition, it is fully in line with the priorities of the European Youth Strategy to promote solidarity and to take social responsibility for society. The topic of entrepreneurship also covers equal access to the labour market as another aspect of the youth strategy. It is the task of youth work to make available the knowledge of the opportunities and risks of entrepreneurial action, preferably to all young people, irrespective of their social or geographical origin. Another area which has a high importance within the project and which enables young people to have a further perspective on the labour market is the topic of new Business, so called Start-ups. The young people are trained in how they can establish and build a company themselves, what opportunities it brings with it, but also what risks are associated with it.

In two years, the project partners are planning five international project meetings as well as three international training courses for 72 youth workers in order to develop a collegial approach and to work on this challenge of access for all young people on this important topic. The aim is to strengthen and expand the network, which is growing just around the topic.

A further focus is on the part of the partners in bringing their unifying expertise around “green” professions into place. The green sector offers great opportunities for the creation of companies, especially in the less-favoured, rural regions of Europe, which are so specifically strengthened.

The young people have their future in their own hands. We have a passion for giving them additional tools to be able to grasp and shape this future safely.

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